Short Stories Intro

With the release of my album, The Whisper & The Hurricane coming up in April 2017, I’m writing a short story to accompany each song on the album. Call it pretentious if you will, but most of the songs are based around characters and their thoughts, and I thought it would be cool to tell a story that each character might be involved in.

The stories are all separate, but are linked by common themes and a central mystery. A bit of a whodunnit if you like. There’s a link at the top of each story to where you can hear the connected track. I’ll leave a link to the album here as well. I’ll probably publish a new story each month – there are ten tracks, so the whole series will be on here by September next year


  1. Rorschach
  2. The Vaulted Lead Ceiling
  3. Life In The Tannery
  4. Waterlilies
  5. Peace To Camera
  6. Atlas Loses Grip
  7. The Science Of Attachment
  8. Making Small Fries Illegal
  9. Snapdragon
  10. London Will Fall

4 thoughts on “Short Stories Intro

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