The Belated Release of The Whisper And The Hurricane

If you keep up with me on social media, you will have noticed that since this time last year I’ve continually pushed back the release date of my third studio album, The Whisper And The Hurricane. You’ll also have noticed that I suddenly stopped blogging in March.

I now return with an immediate resolution to both scenarios!

The Whisper And The Hurricane is available now – you can listen to and buy it from here. The album will be officially released on the 25th of August, where it will be available worldwide on all major sites (Amazon, Spotify, iTunes) as well as in CD and possibly 12″ vinyl form.

As for the lack of blogging. At the time I stopped, I was finding myself really strained for time, and I did not have the energy and therefore motivation to research any interesting articles.

At this time, I was working at a bar in Manchester Airport – a tedious and depressing job, but one which took up a serious amount of my time in travel to the place, security checks and the constantly changing shift patterns (some would start at 5am, some at 5pm). The upshot of it all was that I was constantly tired and in need of sleep when I wasn’t at work.

At the same time I was organizing something between a small festival and a big house party in a castle in Northumberland. There was music (both live and DJ), activities, food, artwork, transport and many other small administrative things to organize and I had essentially been left on my own to do all of it. Some of those who I asked for help either refused, remained uncontactable or tried to take over. There were a few shining stars who helped me keep my sanity and the event afloat – the chef being the most helpful – he often popped up with solutions to problems I hadn’t told him about, nor expected him to know how to solve.

The combined result of these two things, were taking up all of my time and neither was interesting enough to talk about in detail, at least not beyond one article, and so I found I had nothing to write about. I tried to write a few articles, but they were lackluster and poorly researched and never made it to being published.

By mid April I had left my job at the Airport and the Castle had happened, quite successfully, despite the headaches. Now I was engaged in a new job – affectionately known as chugging (charity mugging). Yes, I was one of the dicks on the street trying to get you to part with some of your money each month for a good cause.

I had a regular schedule and pay, and should have found it easy to start writing again. However, I became quite ill (probably as a result of spreading myself too thin whilst organising the Castle) and also had a European tour to plan. I found myself in the position of having nothing to talk about except work, which after a few paragraphs is boring without hope of salvation.

While touring, I tried my level best to do daily vlogs – but a variety of factors (internet access, illness, time) made that difficult, until eventually my camera broke and that was the end of that.

Given time, I may give a short summary of each of my travel destinations on here, but that’s a plan for the future.

Upon my return to the UK it was straight back to chugging and trying to sort out all of the administration for the album release. My housemates also handily decided to move out in August (coincidentally by the 25th) again giving me far too much to do. A torn knee ligament injury I had sustained whilst travelling was giving me grief, especially as my job involved me being on my feet all day, and so again I found that when not at work, I was too physically exhausted to do anything but sleep.

This culminated in my resignation on Friday after coming to blows with the regional manager. She had first got on my nerves a few weeks earlier, when saying ‘You’re quite well spoken for someone with dreads.’ I’m sure she didn’t mean it maliciously, but I was seriously offended all the same.

Then we ended up sparring over my absence and low energy at work, which I attributed to having a fucking torn ligament in my knee! She told me that she had taken just one sick day in four years. I tried and failed to help her to understand just how lucky she was to be in such excellent physical and mental health. My God, I was I was ill just one day in four years…

Anyway, realising I was fighting a losing battle with her, and my motivation to fundraise gone, I did all that I could – resign before she fired me. I couldn’t risk leaving a huge black mark on my CV. It’s all academic as I would have had to resign anyway in September before starting my master’s degree. I can go back to barwork for two months if absolutely essential.

All that preceeds is a long justification for my absence from blogging, which I hope now to have rectified. As well as the potential travel blogs, I have plans for music and film analysis as well as talking about politics also.

I’ve scrapped the idea of writing short stories for the album as the last two were poor, and I wasn’t enjoying it, but I will write a number of articles with the intention of promoting the album. Talking about its themes on mental illness, a potential overarching short story, analysing the beautiful artwork featured above and below are all potential future articles.

Until next time, thank you and good luck!

Album Back Cover


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