Why I Hate Fundraising

I have been working for the last three months as a charity fundraiser, or chugger (charity mugger) as you may well know it. This job consists of standing on some high street during daylight hours trying to stop people and convince them to give some of their monthly paycheck in a direct debit to charity. … Continue reading Why I Hate Fundraising


The Belated Release of The Whisper And The Hurricane

If you keep up with me on social media, you will have noticed that since this time last year I've continually pushed back the release date of my third studio album, The Whisper And The Hurricane. You'll also have noticed that I suddenly stopped blogging in March. I now return with an immediate resolution to … Continue reading The Belated Release of The Whisper And The Hurricane


This is a short story; to learn more about the Whisper & The Hurricane short stories ans see the other entries; please click here. This story is an accompaniment to a song - to hear this song, click here. Waterlilies As he looked down on the city descending into chaos, Arthur felt an odd sense … Continue reading Waterlilies